Derek Chauvin was indicted on federal charges in Minnesota after a Motion For New Trial was filed following his conviction in state court
A "War Story" from when I was a young and dumb prosecutor.
More on Danchenko Indictment to come, but questionable judgments by the Rittenhouse lawyers are troubling.
Taking a closer look at the January 2017 Interview by the FBI
Charging Danchenko For Lying Would Have Required Courtroom Evidence of What Truthful Answers Would Have Been -- "Not Within In Our Purview"
Digging too deep would have shown all roads led back to Perkins Coie and the Clinton Campaign -- so they didn't.
Durham Drops a Five Count Indictment on Igor Danchenko -- the "Primary Subsource" for the Steele "Dossier"
Well, a few changes in the lengthy period that has passed since my last post here on Substack. Terrible timing in that my last Substack story on the…
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