The Fantastical Twists and Turns in the Execution of the Brilliant Legal Strategy That Led to the Springing of Jake Chansley from the Federal Hoosegow
Don't File and Be Pilloried or File and Be Made to Look Like an Idiotic Tool -- Quite a Choice He's Staked Out For Himself
The Fact that it Continued After Trial Began Shows the Extent to Which Both DOJ and the FBI Have Adopted the Ethos of "The Ends Justifies the Means."
I Only THOUGHT I Had A Lot To Work With
What happens when Overzealous Prosecutions Are Aided and Abetted by Incompetent Defense Counsel
Or At Least Some Idiot Analyst in Richmond Virginia Thought It Was Worth Exploring That Idea
Good thing for him he had a great lawyer.
This is my first column in quite some time — I’m not even going to bother to look at the dates. The most recent 2-3 columns were written in…
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