It does not take 27 pages to allege a "false statement" charge -- but it does if you are alleging a conspiracy to create false documents to influence a federal investigation.
I suspect the effort here is not about regaining the opportunity to defend himself before a DC Jury -- so what is the purpose?
The first defendant sentenced on felony "obstructing" crime says his attorney rushed him to plead guilty prior to the attorney's scheduled military dep…
Given the way DOJ has disposed of cases recently, Chansley's attorney must have worked hard to come up with a "deal" as bad as the one Chansley agreed …
He thought he was entitled to be President because he had the "gift of gab" and that's all it took.
There is no bigger Biden sycophant in the administration and he needs to be the first to go.
Afghanistan Policy provides the perfect opportunity to pivot away and embrace a new generation of Democrat Party leadership.
Invoking the 25th Amendment has a huge downside but may be the only chance to avoid a historic beating at the polls in 2022
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